Access Control Solution

Access Control System for bungalows/Villas ,Residential & Commercial Projects- Earth Control Systems, Surat
Access control, at its most basic level, is a method of regulating who and when accesses an area. The individual entering may be a worker, a contractor, or a guest, and they could be walking, driving, or taking another means of transportation. A site, a structure, a room, or a cabinet might be the area they’re entering. To distinguish it from access control that stops individuals from entering virtual places – such as when login onto a computer network – we commonly refer to it as physical access control. Although one of its major functions is to improve security, a physical access control system can also provide a variety of additional advantages. Improved business process efficiency and site or building management are only a few examples. Who has access to what? For example, you could only wish to provide workers automatic access. Visitors and contractors, on the other hand, should report to the reception desk upon arrival. Which doors are open to them? You might only want specific people to be able to access particular sections. For example, you could only want technicians in your labs. When are they able to obtain access? Contractors and subordinate employees may only be permitted to enter the facility during their regular shifts, whereas senior employees may do so at any time. What requirements do they have to meet in order to gain access? You might, for example, configure your system such that contractors may only have access if they can prove they’ve given their certification.


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