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Surveillance systems are an important element of ensuring the safety of your home or company. Wireless home security cameras to sophisticated alarm systems that alert law enforcement at the first hint of danger are examples of these systems. The presence of security cameras can dissuade would-be burglars, while concealed cameras can provide covert protection.

The proper technology for the task can provide the required protection, whether you want to keep a watch on personnel at neighboring facilities or film every individual who approaches your front door.

Components of CCTV Surveillance System:

The majority of CCTV video surveillance systems begin with security cameras. When it comes to CCTV cameras and lenses, the options are infinite, ranging from fixed models for monitoring very specific places to day/night cameras and powerful PTZ domes for scanning wide regions.

Operators watch footage from a central location on a display that looks like a TV, but with greater lines of resolution for improved picture quality, in a typical CCTV security camera arrangement. Monitors can be dedicated (showing video from a single camera) or call-up (showing video from several cameras) (meaning operators can access multiple cameras at the same time).

Coaxial cable is necessary for transferring video feeds from CCTV security cameras in an analogue system and CAT6 for IP based system.

DVRs (digital video recorders) are included in most current CCTV video surveillance systems, allowing operators to take use of some of the advantages of a network-based surveillance setup. Network video recorders differ from digital video recorders (DVRs) in that they receive their input via a network rather than from a video capture card or tuner. DVR video is encoded and processed on the DVR, whereas NVR video is encoded and processed at the camera and then transmitted to the NVR for storage or remote viewing.


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