Emergency Exit Doors

High Speed Emergency Exit Roll Up Door
High Speed Emergency Roll Up Doors include an incorporated emergency escape and are the slimmest high speed roll up doors on the market. It has the advantages of a quick-action door and enables for a quick escape in the event of an emergency. The High Speed Emergency Roll Up Doors’ flexible PVC door curtain has a clever T-shaped cut in the center. The curtain splits into two symmetric flaps and the emergency escape opens when a person presses on the specified release places. High-speed emergency roll-up doors allow products and persons to move freely. It may be put in areas with limited space due to its thin form. It’s an ideal high-speed door for retail establishments. High Speed Emergency Roll Up Door needs less maintenance thanks to low friction side guides, a self-reinserting door curtain, and a small number of worn parts. This high-speed door is free of hard components in the curtain, making it safe for your personnel and equipment.


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