Freezer Doors

High-speed freezer roll-up doors for cold storage applications.

High-speed freezer roll-up doors are designed for cold storage applications, allowing you quick access in and out of your freezer room while reducing temperature fluctuations. Its good seal prevents cooled air from escaping and saves energy. Condensation and frost are reduced via an optional insulating curtain installed on the high-speed freezer door. It acts as a second layer of protection between the hot outside temperatures and the cold interior ones.

The low-power electric heating wires in the side posts of this high-speed freezer door help to prevent frost and downtime. When combined with the self-reinserting door curtain, the roll up door will last a long time. People, products, and vehicles are all safe while using High Speed Freezer Roll Up Doors. There are no hard elements in the flexible door curtain. It prevents injuries and property damage.


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